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02 August 2008 @ 12:22 am
Quotes from Metropolitan (1990) Written & Directed by Whit Stillman  (whom I find clever and very Woody-esk)
Kit, have you seen it?  You'd enjoy the witty humor.

"When you're an egoist, none of the harm you do is intentional."

"Most of our waking like is taken up by thinking to ourself."

"Everyone has some contraditions."

"Playing strip poker with an exhibistionist somehow takes the challenge away."

"I warn you, he's a Fourierist."

T: "He seems less pessimistic than you."
C: "I know, it doesn't ring true!"

F: "I'll be going now. I have nothing to say and I'm completely boring without a drink."
T: "It's only midnight, you can't go."
F: "I'm sorry but without the cocktails, staying up all night loses its charm. Besides I haven't had anything amusing to say since I stopped drinking."
T: "Did you have anything amusing to say before you stopped?"
F: "I know, but it seemed amusing, now it doesn't."
T: "Well, you were asleep!"